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“Better Black" is taking responsibility to help reform Black business in our community.  Black businesses alone is a billion dollar industry that needs to be taken advantage of on a level that benefits our community directly. The time to uplift and support one another is imperative. Better Black will do just that!

An often-overlooked aspect of racial equality is economic equality — without dollars and opportunities firmly rooted in communities of color, there is no power.  That's why black-owned businesses are so important in the fight for racial justice. When you buy from these businesses, you support financial freedom and agency in the black community. And your purchase goes even further when those businesses' missions focus on charitable efforts.

We will help make it easier for people who want to support black business. No longer will you have to make a million phone calls or search the internet for hours. As our site continues to grow we will have a business for every need that has to be fulfilled. You will be able to find Attorneys, Auto Mechanics, Independent Contractors, Caterers, Restaurants, Clothing designers and stores, Entertainment and as this list continues to grow so will our support with Black Business.

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